Life’s Bi-Polar 2

It’s funny how life can be deceiving. One day you’re at the top of the world, the next time you’re at rock bottom.



Who really invented the selfie?


Ever wondered who actually invented the selfie? First lets start with a little definition:


A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a smartphone which may be held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick

My definition according to what y’all do;

A picture taken of yourself to show your friends that you have no friends to take pictures of you.

But the origin is what is not known by most of y’all unless you are DK. 😒 Mr. Know-It-All.



First blog post 2018, second week of 2018.

Thank you all for always checking my articles every Tuesday

This 2018 I don’t want to make any promise this early. Hakuna haja ya kudanganya. 90+ % of y’all break their resolutions before the end of the month.


KCSE Results Fracas

Notice: To my international viewers, today’s article may not interest you due to use of Swahili and Sheng. Kindly bear with the case. Stay tuned next Tuesday at 0915Hrs GMT +3. Thank you.

So the great moment was just there waiting for me (okay, not great😄). One thing let’s get it clear, you must finish reading this it’s fun (ny).

Quite a long night. Slept at 5:30am and 5 hours later…. (spongebob) I wake up just thinking of breakfast. (Uongo I was thinking of the washroom😂😂😂)



Forget about the bad past but be aware of it. For regrets and mistakes are scars made to haunt us.

Do not hide the word experience by feel. Do not look down when your enemies mock you. Lie to your friends and family but do not make a mistake of lying to yourself.


Eddie Griffin’s Voodoo Child

Whenever a white person gets into an argument with a black guy they always say “Go back to Africa” and I be like “Go back to England, this ain’t your land too. Columbus found America, ain’t you” For a fact I ain’t gonna go back to Africa. NEVER. I was seeing this video on National Geographic and I saw a hunger ad.