Chronicles of the Asylum 2

Again, It’s time for madness, Asylum.

I’ll always say Asylum is a green land in a four-walled hell. Yes, I called the larger place hell.😋

One common characteristic of the members is that they are ALL cray cray. Yes, nimesema tumechizi 😅. The same goes with the people associated with it. So I’ll start with the “horrible bosses” as usual but this time…. (lemme not say) 😁.

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How to Make the Best Sandwich Maker Mini Cakes

(I can get around in the kitchen😎)

These mini cakes are super easy to prepare. They can be taken as breakfast or as a snack. Better yet (for parents) you can pack for your kids in their lunch box. It is simple to make. 😉 No stress to wait for a long time😧. Trust me, this recipe will be your new best friend😄.



Peter comes home late from an illegal party and finds Shawna, his young sister, awake.

PETER: Please don’t tell mum and dad.

SHAWNA: Oh, I will.

PETER: Please, I’m just tryna fit in.

SHAWNA: Me too, with mum and dad.

PETER:I’ll do anything.

SHAWNA: Really?

PETER: Just say what you want.

SHAWNA: Ok, I want a fake ID on Monday.

PETER: Monday?

SHAWNA: Dick you heard me right.

PETER: I’m gonna tell mum you used a curse word again.

SHAWNA: You already told them I did before you left. Nice time trying. Monday boy, Monday.




I said I would dare, but not tear
Thy heart, an apple tree in the wild
I’d love to sit under its shade.

All that, was of thy only one

Who left my heart needing stitches

Don’t mistake me for Mendes
But I won’t trip again

Well, well, well
She said it well
I was the Mr. Jailer
Only that I didnt call her a prisoner
But her prison was next to my arms.

Being the man I was
She killed from the inside
She left me needing a place to hide.

Now my innards wanna show
But I play the strings too slow
To keep me from me
And let me be.

They say, “He drinks wine”
Yes, but she loved me still
And also left me to heal
I was just but a chord
She was learning to play.

My heart was like a viola
That she left untuned.

Crimson Peak


Thomas opened the door slowly as he ran words over his mind as to what to tell Agatha. They loved each other as per God’s eye but his plans had soon come to a tragic end. Her father was clear with instructions. As of that night he was ordered to intensively break Agatha’s heart and for the morning to come he was to leave with his sister back to the devil that had nursed them.

Agatha’ s father followed him to see the manifestations of his words. She stood a few steps away from the door of her father’s office and for a moment Thomas felt a fear that maybe she had heard the conversation that went on.

She broke into a smile and let out a breath in relief that he shall walk away from her broken and wounded but his sins tucked under a few ears. His knees burnt as he pulled himself to her. She brightened



Well thought piece of writing. Life ain’t always what it seems. Find your purpose and define it. Make a path for yourself where there seems to be no way. We have choices to make and dreams to achieve but nothing on a silver platter. Find the inner you and let it soar like a bird set free.


Tittle is purpose, but no, I am not going to write about Justin Bieber’a album. I am going to write about something that many teenagers are not familiar on. Purpose. My great friend, her name is Irene, asked me the other day why I go to school. That question actually caught me by surprise because honestly, I have no idea why I go to school. I guess it’s because I have to since my parents have paid school fees. But that’s not the answer I gave Irene. I told her it’s because in my own perspective, we go to school because we have no other choice. We are our parents investments. If they pay school fees to take us to school, then we are expected to read as hard as we can, get good jobs and later help our parents and live good lives. In that case, the investment was…

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