Shades Of Grey.


Racism is what I would like to call an act of discrimination and prejudice or antagomism directed against someone of a different , lets call it, complexion.

It is also the belief that all members of a “complexion” possess characteristics or abitities that belong to them.

Basically you know what am talking about, racism.

The late Nelson Mandela,one of the famous heroes, fought against apartheid in South Africa which is also a form of racism in its own way. His step against racism made a great impact on Africa and the rest of the world. Mostly dark people, especially the Africans, are the ones usually in the far end of racism. Most Africans fear racism and tend to neglect the fact and dream that they want to travel all over the world. it is a very touchy subjects and issue that can bring forth hatred and wars but also sometimes it can force a rebellion.

Racism has existed throughout man’s history and it is still being practiced by some humans yet the problems it brings are far much discouraging.
We should all take an action against racism but just the basic things like yourself. Racism is ugly and it divides people into “us” and “them” based on skin color and origin.

No human race is superior; no religious faith is inferior. All collective judgements are wrong. Only racists make them

.Eliezer wiesel, Holocaust survivor.

Racism should end in our free world and lets be united as one. One may wonder if it really can stop, my answer would definitely be, “Yes it can only if we are united as one.” We are all one race but jus different shades of grey.

A must read book;
Tittle: Racism.
Author: Albert Memmi.



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