Forget about the bad past but be aware of it. For regrets and mistakes are scars made to haunt us. Do  not  hide the word experience by  feel. Do not look down when your enemies mock you. Lie to your friends and family but do not make a mistake of lying to yourself.

Tell your friends about your problems, listen as they  make comments and suggestions. Feel it in yourself that your  friend does not understand you and that your situation is not as easy as it looks and then be your own friend. The people you call are their to listen and make you discover that you are your own friend. Never say, “I do not not care,” it brings about a habit, and from it, chaos! Have good relations but make great enemies; it is the only way to experience how hard life is. Bruise yourself when you get into problems unsolvable in your mind. Laugh about it when it’s all over and think foolishly of your actions so that when you get into another, know that there is a better way round it. The truth does not hurt, it never hurts it just embarrasses you. Keep your heart in tune and away from anger, it kills. No man  should be trusted, invest your trust in God. He never backsturbs or mince words. Learn how to tolerate and endure harsh conditions. Do not fake emotions; it is the beginning of a mind based war. Imitate no-one and never wish to be like someone else, it is a dead end. Say hope for the best, prepare for the  worst but then again think about hoping for the worst and preparing for the best. Do not brag, it it the work of the devil, if you do, you make it easier for him. Chop off your part before the part makes your whole go bad as well. Be quiet, trust me… it is a whole lot of adventure into what you have never seen before. Listen, do all things with honesty and loyalty, it is the  best policy and it saves. I know all this because it is what we all try to avoid. Take the road not taken before. Be unique.



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