Broken hearts.


Ok,its true what I am doing is not fine. I am in a sack of broken hearts crying out loud and I cant afford to bleed because there is another one somewhere worth my dirty blood. I dont want to lie, that what I have been writing has always been poetic and that my mind just made it up, because I still think of you and everyday you’d take part of my heart beats. If we still loved each other, it would have been so sweet for this to happen but now its a whole battle that I keep fighting and you end up winning. Not cool at all

There is no single second that we spend together u haven’t thought of. Every single of it has been the amount of sadness that covers my ugly face. I have worked out everything you do and like. From the steps you take to which side you’d always prefer walking on. I ain’t a stalker, I just want to know if you feel pain the same as mine and it seems that you dont. I swear I have never shed this much for a being. I cant close my eyes without singing because you’ll haunt me. Beautiful nightmare. I made a promise not to fall in love again and I prayed that I don’t till 1921 but am afraid that if another came i’d readily accept it just to make my heart lie on another than you because it seems that at time the cure of a broken heart is to get another to heal it. I have broken three hearts already due to my vow and i’d want you to know that I am strong even when I dont have pillars to lean on. That it is painful and unbearable but God showed me how to bear my pains. That I am going on well and I no longer have mini-heartattacks when you pass by cause I be like ‘Yeah I am still alive without you.’ I dont hate because if I did i’d hurt myself some more. That you have not succeeded to get into my planet hearts. I still know your birthday and your best rapper and how much you love Legend’s songs. I know all of you so much that you have become a book I open everyday to read. And my love for you will forever remain tattooed on my heart. Sweet scar!

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2 thoughts on “Broken hearts.

  1. Well said, it is quite encouraging and great use of grammar.


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