Letter To The Dead


Dear Dian,

It has been so long a journey away but your face still vibrant and vivid in my mind and thoughts. I have missed you and have become a longing plague. Even in worlds between, I’ll see no other image of you.

Death has come in between us but there is no other battle we’ve fought and never won. God will pick your pure soul worthy for His Kingdom. By now you should be is purgatory. Is it too much a hell? Shall I ride to save you? Even so, there is a hand stretched from the living to you, mine. To give you hope of a better place. El Dorado is in front of you darling. I know you still hold your beauty. Cool hell with your smile. You will be fine.

As to me, my days of suffering has increased. It’s already spring and your garden is still full of life. At time I’d be on sorrow especially when those people kiss. I’d close my eyes to swallow my tears. I’d think of our days. It has been five years now and I am forced to accept your absence in life.

Why did you let them pull you under? Oh! Dian. I keep dying everyday for you. Life has become my prison. Should I get free of it. I shall follow you. What is a beat without another to complete? Do not shade any tear, I have shed it for you already.

I am not strong, not without you I ain’t. My mind is with you but my heart is just not. I never told you that I liked the way you danced slightly out of time and pretend you know the lyrics to a song you’ve never heard. I’d invent a time machine if I knew how to. Travel back in time and try to avoid that day I lost you. I’ve been thinking of ways to get to you but the eyes around me have been an obstacle. I’ll be right there.

I had started writing letters on intervals of two days and it has become daily. I am afraid it has become a habit. When we meet I shall have you possess them. Lord, where did I go wrong? Will she remember me? What we shared? Dian, I love you enough.

Love, Ty
Am coming for you!

Categories Life, Poetry

2 thoughts on “Letter To The Dead

  1. I love everything I flicked my wrist for in this page…heads up for another heartly breakout story…Mordz there is nothing not to like…its more than just stories

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    1. Mordecai Kiplimo December 23, 2015 — 09:14

      I have to agree

      Liked by 1 person

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