Story of Her Life.


My name is Paris Estes, I am 69years old. Back in those days at the age of 14 I fell in love with a beast, Bruce Orlando. Our love was so deep. It was more of electricity when we touched. His motive was ‘money and the power’ over me. That was unknown to me.

In our late teenage life, he did the unexpected. He wanted to have intercourse with me. He forced his way through in a ‘I-really-dont-care’ attitude. His actions left me in a confused and desperate condition.

Nine months down the line, Iris Estes came to existence. Orlando didn’t care at all but rather, he ran away from his fatherly duties. I raised my little angel by myself. I often felt guilty for raising my daughter without a daddy. I would cry myself to sleep every night. My frequent prayers brought me a good samaritan,  Priest Friderick.

Through Friderick, my Iris got saved at an early age.

Years passed and soon I became a granny. Iris had her own family. Holly and Austin were her children. She didn’t forget mommy. She would visit me at my Knoxville home. One awful night, they had an accident on their way back home. Dwayne,her husband, was confirmed dead on the spot.

Why did yo hate Daddie? Yo wer talkin to him befor the accident. Why?

When Iris saw this, she was filled with tears but still thanked her Creator for the accident. She believed it was for a reason

Holly and Austin did not understand why their mommy thanked God. Friderick explained to them and soon they understood.

Her innocent angels were kidnapped. She was filled with grief when she saw videotapes from the kidnappers. One morning she got a parcel, “Quite heavy,” she said. Her anticipation and excitement soon faded.

Inside the parcel were amputated body parts of her children. She cried out loud. Thinking out loud was what she used to do. She cried for days but still in the end, she her creator.

I, as her mother, felt so touched by her faith. She refused to be assisted in organising the burial and paying off the expenses from the morgue, autopsy and the burial itself. She was faced with trials,  not one but many.

Soon, young Estes’ faith payed her back. She became worth billions of dollars. Her weakness was her encouragement and uprising.



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