No Easy Task.


I tried, God knows I tried but it’s only that I did not give my all. Did this mean it could not workout? I never knew. Sometimes I wished she died because all she gave me was stress and made me look like a kid, ok am a still young but to her she saw me as a lost two-year old brat and for that I hated her most.

When school closed I saw myself going to jail. House arrest. At 17, I was still not allowed to hangout with my friends or go to have fun. All my life or half of it, I have spent in my room doing nothing. For this, I always thought of negative things for an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Stressed up, I started trying things I never thought of, I tried bhang, cocaine and sought for “fun” even started stealing. That was my life with a mom who acted more like a step mother and above all I hated her.

Another one from Matiko Marwa.


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