I Have A Friend (Hailey) In God


My name is Naomi Salvage, and I happily live in Beacon Hill, Boston. I was going through a divorce a couple of year ago at the same time griefing my parents over a sudden fire accident. I had no friends just because I did not want one to feel pity on me. I was holding on, except for the fact that the thought of all I was going through made me run to the washroom or take the stairs where I would cry out loud.

I hid all this, though, to my four year old daughter, Hailey. I had come home one day to find Hailey doing what she does best, colouring. She even named her crayons. I wiped my tear from the lonely ride on the train and walked towards Hailey. She was remarkable, a part of me that has hope. Hailey was born like every othet kid for the first three months till to our realisation that she had grown deaf and mute.

I could hear women on my lane calling me a she-devil for bringing such a monster into this world. She was my Hailey and I wanted  nobody else but my Hailey. She saw me from where I was staring at her and ran fast as she could to give me a big mamas hug. Then I imagined how much joyful noise she yearned to make at that moment. Only if… she could tell me about her day and always about Mrs. Keller who is also deaf.

I’d read her bedtime stories even though she never heard anything. I was devasted though, when I found out that I was not the one with the million problems. It was just seven months ago when Mrs. Keller gave me a call of a sudden fainting from Hailey.

I worked with the Boston Newspaper as a journalist and that was not the right time to go out of work especially since the arrival of the new boss and that I was a floater.

In the expense of my job, I hurried to the hospital. I happenned to see Hailey through the glass and she seemed fine, calling for a deep breathe and a faint smile. I was then summoned by the doctor. All he did was reap out my heart and shoot it right infront of me. Hailey had been diagnosed with a fast-growing brain tumor.

I had no more tears to shed and so I left the doctor standing alone as I entered Hailey’s room. I stared as she slept through the night and I was willing to stay through the day, but the hospital bills were pending and I had to go to work just after writing a revised apology letter. Hopefully, I still had my job.

I sat praying to God, the same prayer I have been praying since I was sixteen. I asked God to give me a better life than what I had. I went back to the hospital and Hailey had made a picture of us walking down the Battery Park with teddy. I ran outside after she asked me what was wrong seeing my flooded eyes. I could not bear it anymore

She had a matter of days to live, so I worked out a release form to spend time with her before her recommended chemo. I remember the day before her chemo when we walked in the Battery Park, Hailey having her favourite chocolate flavoured ice cream. She held my hand tight just the way I had taught her, when a dog started barking at me.

It seemed lost and was without a leash. Hailey stood infront of me and told the dog, “Go away doggy you scaring me mommey.”

I laughed and tried telling her that he could not listen to her till when I saw the dog walk away. I’d come see her in the hospital especially the unforgettable last days when she had lost her hair and chemo was not working.

The rest of the days were unspeakable. Till when she died in my arms. She held a note in her cold hands written;

Dear Mommey,

I am taking a walk with Teddy down the park. I will be back in five. Don’t forget two tell mrs kella tha I we be runnin late. I luv u mommey


I talked to God again and made a different prayer. I asked if He could be my second Hailey just not to feel alone. Now I have a friend in Him. I still find myself counting to five hoping to see Hailey again.




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