Imperial Afflictions

gothic man.jpg

I’m tired of wishing
These damagges cannot be reversed,
It is not a scar,
It’s the fire that burns on,
It’s my sweetest desire.

Shall I also fight to feel,
The unsaid four-letter word
From my own papa?
To whom my existence is unknown,
To whom I’m drying tears for’
Tissues to dab at my face
But it’s forever soggy.

I’m tired of wishing,
But these damages cannot be reversed,
The pain is unbearable
Like walking on a thousand nails,
Deep it goes,
To the better part of my soul.

The truth may hurt,
But the underworld is far tormenting,
It’s dark I can’t see,
I get lost in sadness,
Of worlds unknown,
Fear creeps in but I sink it beneath,
Like the Titanic,
Despite its depths, it still haunts.

To the diamond,
I want to trust my shadow,
As it forms from the darkness.
The light at the end of the tunnel,

I may be better dead,
But oh!
I love him against all odds
Though it’s all in vain.
But I believe,
All shall be clear
Satisfaction shall find its way.

It’s my sweetest desire, Lord,
Let it be so- Amen.


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