Chronicles of the Asylum


Asylum is my little home in a prison. A tiny place of relaxation, fun and madness in greenlands.

Asylum is full of weird characters, I not excluded,  in a fun way. Precisely the curse of the asylum.

One step into the room and you’ve lost it. With Lenny, Louisz and Tarus as the then ‘Horrible Bosses’ everything goes ka-boom. Lenny hitting some bass-notes and flying over The Piano . (With emphasis). You’d hear him say:  congratu_f*****_lations , You don’t say….. Louisz, on the other end is literally the only guy who can make a 360º in bed and wail deep in the night. He dreams of a world where chicken would be the currency. Yeah, he is Luhya. Believe me. Then Tarus ‘Tarunyo’ , the silent killers kinds of person. An amazing poet. Lets say he treasures his bed like a throne. He was born old with the ability to choose wisdom and stupidity

Santos as the current boss and Brian as the probable assistant,  no offence. Santos, as per the name you’d think he’s Mexican on to hear Onyango as part of the package. Answer this word sum:

Simplify: Santos + Onyango (Answer at the bottom)

Brian, true definition of a Kalenjin. The future Temple Runner or better yet Subway Surfer. But no, he’d use a hoverboard as a jembe (Farming tool). Peace bruh. Anyway he’s obsessed with sleep. You also wonder if he is of Injury descent as he is very unlucky. Advice please use a tractor in your wedding. Unique right. LOL.

Then we come to Patrick, Patricia Mawuuuu…., man from drylands (Kambaland). Perfect illustration of the adage Dont judge a book by its cover i.e in the pitch. Also take care he may scare you at night with his snore. There’s a lot more into this personality.

And we come to the one and only Mordecai (Usijali mwanaume ni kujichocha), well I guess my personality is an open book. But I’m just this amazingly crazy fella.

Hillary, dubbed as ‘Child of the Burning Spear’. He can fetch water for you and be your encyclopedia. He can also narrate to you any comic. I bet he’ll forget the name of his children. He’d be the most demanding item if sold online (OLX). Shame on me for almost forgetting,  he is also called Eustace from Courage the Cowardly Dog as he resembles Eustace.

Among the refugees of Asylum, Nelson was just epic. Great talent in art and stuff. He was kinda wise and also caring to the ladies.  Charisma. They say he had ‘dry jokes’ (not from me) not to forget creativity.

Another one is Eric Solomon, he’d probably fall somewhere between the scale of zero to ten. Have you ever seen someone smiling at an umbrella? Well watch out for him. Yeah that’s him. Sorry ain’t got much for this guy

Then this one, so called Flemmings. Sadly he is Brian’s ‘child’. Sorry boy. He’s the perfect definition of kujichocha. A victim of reversed pedophilia or maybe he tries to ignite the fire. Sorry young pedophile.

Almost forgot Mark, short guy. Im working on a till number for donation for him. He needs a shirt. Dont judge me but I wont be shocked to find him flying on a broom. He visits at late hours. He lives in a nest like a small birdie.

The answer to the Word question is Santonyango.

Well that’s my asylum.











If your image is missing then I guess you know you are socially inactive or you fear for selfies and photos. Maybe it’s just unavailable.




3 thoughts on “Chronicles of the Asylum

  1. Mordecai this blog made my day and will do so for a while. It is too good and too funny.Total throwback as a refugee in the asylum and the way you described the horrible bosses 100% funny and true especially louisz. That guy and chicken till today.


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