Don’t Be MJOMBAlised


I beg to agree with my brother Nikaya Lazuli.

Stop projecting false impression

The same way a kiss could mean the end, so can a nude mean disaster.

I wonder how you can take a camera and snap what you think you have. Your already a nightmare in clothes. I think there is nothing upstairs. You need a refill of your stupidity.

Thinking of it is like the way I’ve had nightmares of drowning.

Well, it’s upto you. You may say, “Tis my life so don’t give a sh*t,” true….I won’t give a sh*t but you’ll come to realise the internet can’t forget.

A secret between two ain’t a secret. One day you’ll know a secret never dies.

TIP: Never do such or you’ll learn the MJOMBA way.

Sniff out every situation and person. See into the realm of spirit before taking an action.









Yolla, due to the of occurrence of recent events I find it highly important to write this article.

The one thing that has been troubling the teenage mind mind from the dawn of time, NUDES. In the days of the previous generation (our parents) , you would go up and down looking for a camera, take that sexy snapshot and mail it to the desired addressee. In previous times you would probably go to Leonardo da Vinci or Michaelangelo who would then draw a very colourful picture of God’s work then place it in a box and throw it into the window of the desired.

Nowadays, thanks to the crafty works of Lucifer (and Snapchat) sending those lustful aspects of photography has never been easier. All you have to do is strip and press a shutter and you’re good to go.

I won’t tell you shit about ‘O please don’t…

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10 thoughts on “Don’t Be MJOMBAlised

  1. kaka….mimi ningekuaz mjombz mimi ningekua nishatafta chuo inginez ….yani jamaa alimeza energizer alafu akashindwa kustand tall…..uyo tumemwachia affline ka si mungu

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  2. Woiye have mercy on the guy

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  3. Hiiiiii Mordz. Niceeeeee

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  4. Hiiiiii Mordz

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