I said I would dare, but not tear
Thy heart, an apple tree in the wild
I’d love to sit under its shade.
All that, was of thy only one
Who left my heart needing stitches

Don’t mistake me for Mendes
But I won’t trip again

Well, well, well
She said it well
I was the Mr. Jailer
Only that I didnt call her a prisoner
But her prison was next to my arms.

Being the man I was
She killed from the inside
She left me needing a place to hide.

Now my innards wanna show
But I play the strings too slow
To keep me from me
And let me be.

They say, “He drinks wine”
Yes, but she loved me still
And also left me to heal
I was just but a chord
She was learning to play.

My heart was like a viola
That she left untuned.


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