Peter comes home late from an illegal party and finds Shawna, his young sister, awake.

PETER: Please don’t tell mum and dad.

SHAWNA: Oh, I will.

PETER: Please, I’m just tryna fit in.

SHAWNA: Me too, with mum and dad.

PETER:I’ll do anything.

SHAWNA: Really?

PETER: Just say what you want.

SHAWNA: Ok, I want a fake ID on Monday.

PETER: Monday?

SHAWNA: Dick you heard me right.

PETER: I’m gonna tell mum you used a curse word again.

SHAWNA: You already told them I did before you left. Nice time trying. Monday boy, Monday.

On Monday…

SHAWNA: You better have it.

PETER: Ok, stop nagging, I have it. (He gives it to her)


PETER: I don’t wanna see you in any private bar buying alcohol.

SHAWNA: Silly, I don’t want it for alcohol.

PETER: What then?

SHAWNA: I wanna vote, dickhead.



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