Welcome to Mordecai Talks.

It’s the most distilled possible form of liberation.

I don’t write on a certain topic but on general things. Anything that comes to my mind I let it flow in writing. All but politics.

In my life away from my fears and grief, I am a writer. It all started from a dream to a hobby and finally a total different world. This is a side not many people get to see or even know exists!

The blog was founded by I, Mordecai Kiplimo, to speak out loud in silence and let my wild thoughts soar like a bird set free. I decided to write cause I couldn’t exactly tell what it is I feel. I just hope that all I write would help, even just a little.

It’s the corner of my world where I feel free.
Lastly, it is my sincerest hope that we all assist each other and grow together. I do hope that my errors and downfalls may be your uprisings.

Mordecai Kiplimo.

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