Mordecai Kiplimo

Mordecai Kiplimo is a writer with deep interest in arts, tech among others.

He is very musical being a vocalist (Tenor). He plans to learn the violin, saxophone and guitar. He listens to pop music, hip-hop, trap and EDM. Some of the music groups/ personalities he loves are: Pentatonix, VoicePlay, Max Schneider, Sam Tsui, Adele, The Weeknd and Sia.

He is also a computer geek with deep knowledge in android devices. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C and C++ are some of the few tech related courses/languages he’s taking. He’s planning to proceeed to learn Java, PHP, Python. Some of his computer related personalities he looks up to are: the late Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates.

Kiplimo also loves photography. Sometimes being the one behind the lens.

He also loves to keep up-to-date with recent trends and much more in his immediate environment.

Mordecai loves to read extensively on Sci-Fi, drama, thriller, adventure, horror and also non-fiction. Some of the articles and books he reads inspires him to write articles, some posted and others as scrapnotes in his notebook.

Family is something he’s keen and treasures.

He is also an enthusiast who believes in silver linings. His happiness, madness and somewhat seriousness infused in one being makes him a character to watch out for. Beware.

Life is never that serious. ~Mordecai.

Check out his brief description and some of his social platforms on

Keep up with him at #MordecaiTalks and Instagram .



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