Letter To The Dead


Dear Dian,

It has been so long a journey away but your face still vibrant and vivid in my mind and thoughts. I have missed you and have become a longing plague. Even in worlds between, I’ll see no other image of you.

Death has come in between us but there is no other battle we’ve fought and never won. God will pick your pure soul worthy for His Kingdom. By now you should be is purgatory. Is it too much a hell? Shall I ride to save you? Even so, there is a hand stretched from the living to you, mine. To give you hope of a better place. El Dorado is in front of you darling. I know you still hold your beauty. Cool hell with your smile. You will be fine.


Broken hearts.


Ok,its true what I am doing is not fine. I am in a sack of broken hearts crying out loud and I cant afford to bleed because there is another one somewhere worth my dirty blood. I dont want to lie, that what I have been writing has always been poetic and that my mind just made it up, because I still think of you and everyday you’d take part of my heart beats. If we still loved each other, it would have been so sweet for this to happen but now its a whole battle that I keep fighting and you end up winning. Not cool at all

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